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Memories of our Sugar Beet Days and

Great Western Sugar Company

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     Inspired by the very personal connection between

     Brighton-area residents and their sugar beet

     history, Local Historian Robin Kring has collected

     stories and photos from several community

     members to create a snapshot of Brighton’s proud


     “These stories of our sugar beet days represent a 
     small-town community spirit that still lives on today 
     and gives both original and new residents a sense 
     of belonging,” says Kring. “Many of those living 
     here have fond stories of working at the Great 
     Western Sugar (GWS) Company factory (or know 
     someone who did) at one time or another. Sugar 
     beet growers and their families warmheartedly 
     recall with pride their roots in Brighton’s history. All 
     fondly talk of the GWS factory like a personal friend 
     and share a spirit of recognition to the sugar sweet
     times that established Brighton as an agricultural hub responsible for the community’s

     economic opportunities.” 

     The 40-page publication contains memories and photos of Brighton’s sugar beet days, a

     saving treasured-places overview, fun sugar-beet facts, and several “sugar-sweet”

     recipes made with GW sugar. ($5.00)